Sunday, 30 November 2014 18:07

Dhishti Annouces 2014 Indian Invasion

Dhishti will once more be touring India, performing at Black Metal Kreig IV in Mumbai on the 7th of December and Dark Days of December in Bangalore on the 13th of December 2014.


This is the third time the band has toured in India and excitement abounds as old fans and new will be able to witness Atmospheric Depressive Black Metal in India once more.

Dhishti had amazing opportunity to open for the mighty Rotting Christ, Greek Gods of Black Metal, at The Ominous Gathering 2014, held in Colombo. 


The gig was organized by Raaksha Studios and Productions, Troll Market and Studio 666. 


Manifestator, Serpents Athirst, Fallen Grace and Funeral in Heaven also performed. 


We were truly inspired by the professionalism and musical excellence of Rotting Christ. Their 25+ years of experience in the Black Metal scene truly showed and inspired us. 


Dhishti has been billed to perform alongside Manzer (France), and Kryptos (India) among other bands at 'Dark Days of December', a gig organized by The Bangalore Doom Syndicate. 


The gig will take place in Bangalore in December, 2014. Await further updates!



Dhisht is to take the stage at Ceremonial Bloodcleansing alongside Plecto Aliquem Capite, Serpents Athirst, Devoid Empyrean, Pariah Demise, Old Castles Massacre and Zebulon Kosted from the United States on the 2nd of June 2013 at Kamikaze Colombo. 
Dhishti will be taking the stage once more at Mosh Scream Rock III on the 22nd of June 2013 alongside Roadkill, Terrortoma, InfernalOld Castles Massacre and Nevi'im at teh Folk Art Center from 6pm onwards.
Monday, 10 October 2011 08:52



It is the time again for the Brotherhood to Stride along for the Gathering of the Unholy. The Entire Sri Lankan Metal Horde Gather in line for the new Revolution. No Discrimination No Barriers just Pure Nine Hours of original Underground Sri Lankan Metal. Be there to Witness the Night of Mayhem.





Supporting Acts

•Falcon Cry• Montsegur • Ablaze • Forsaken • Mass Damnation • Sinister Asylum • Raven Sung• Deep Forest Mourn • Necro Horde• Unholy Sermon • Pariah Demise • Old Castles Massacre • Fallen Grace


Venue: Womem's International Hall

Date: November 26th 14:00h Onwards

Entrance: LKR500/=

Monday, 10 October 2011 07:31

Night Of The Living Dead



Unholy Sermon in collaboration with SLDM (Sri Lankan Death Militia) Proudly presents "Night Of The Living Dead"


It's fucking Halloween the way its meant to be! Fuck the Dj's and fuck the parties! lets rip up Halloween the way it's meant to be shredded! What could be more diabolical than a gathering of metal maniacs ready to salute all that is evil? Let's headbang with the devil on the 15th of October at Aphrodisiac!

It's the Night of The Living Dead so don't forget your shotguns.


Supporting Acts

• Unholy Sermon • Old Castles Massacre • Mass Damnation • Merlock •Manifestator • Inherited Sore


Venue: Aphrodisiac (top of clancys)

#29, Maitland Cresent
Colombo, Sri Lanka
Date: 15 October from 17:30h to 23:30
Entrance: LKR500/=
Monday, 10 October 2011 04:34

Before the Dead Awaken


Five bands one stage a night of brutality. the Cirty of Gampaha will witness the wrath of the Sri Lankan Underground Metal Horeds as the brotherhoot unites infront of the underground metal community. 


Supporting acts

• Fallen Grace • Old Castle's Massacre • Unholy Sermon • Plecto Aliquem Capite • White Living Grave


Venue: Lumbini Hall

Date: 17th September 2011

Entrance: LKR400/=

Monday, 10 October 2011 04:04

The Black Mass Festival 2011



Raaksha Studios and Productions Presents The Biggest Metal Fest where Colombo meets the Hill Capital Kandy and The Mighty City of Nittambuwa for THE BLACK MASS FESTIVAL Featuring the Pure Dark Blood of the Singhale. Light thy torches and join us as the brotherhood stride along to the depths of the netherworld. Behold THE BLACK MASS FESTIVAL 2011 


Supporting Acts


• Montsegur• Inherited Sore• Infernal• Ablaze• Mass Damnation• Deep Forest Mourn • Necro Horde • Serpents Athirst • Unholy Sermon • Solitary Depression • Old Castles Massacre• Dhishti• 1833AD (INDIA)• Funeral In Heaven 


Venue: Women's International Hall

Date: July 2nd 20011

Entrace: LKR500/=