Dhishti is a Sri Lankan Black Metal project initialized by Jayakody (Vocals) and Deshapriya (Guitar) in early 2009AD as a studio band. In 2010, the band was joined by Kirindage on drums and Udugampala on Bass and Dishti performed their first live gig in Colombo at The Ominous Gathering Testament I in May 2010. Later Dylan Perera Played guitars for a few months he chose to leave the band due to personal issues.

After a disagreement within the band, Udugampola left in late 2010. Kirindage took up the mantle of bassist and Alles was incorporated into the ranks of Dhishti in December 2010 for a landmark tour within the Black Metal history of two countries: Dhishti toured Mumbai, India and performed at the first ever completely Black Metal gig in India; The Black Metal Kreig, 2010. Alles has continued on as the band's drummer with his dark style which sets the atmosphere for Dhishti's deviant progression of pounding viscous war beats.

Upon returning to the Motherland after their successful tour, Hewakoparage was recruited to bring a unique element of depressive lead guitar solos to the music of Dhishti. With his truly Sri Lankan roots, he has transformed Dhishti's music into something that can be identified as Depressive Atmospheric Black Metal of an impressively unparalleled nature. In early 2011 Kirindage was replaced by Lord Bhahirawa of Wawul Kale, encompassing Dhishti's music with Bass notes that bleed pure darkness.

In early 2012, Lord Bhahirawa was forced to leave the ranks of Dhishti due to personal issues, and was replaced by D. for the 'Meditation of Death' tour of India. This epic tour comprised of performances at Black Metal Kreig II in Mumbai, Darjeeling Meta-Legion Fest in Darjeeling, Stormbringer II in Guwahati and Metal Rage in Bangalore, spanning from late January to early February. D., a veteran of Sri Lankan metal, brings with him varied influences and intense personal experiences which enable him to meld his bass compositions with Dhishti's musical style.


2014 showed two major changes to the band with Hewakoparage and D. being replaced by Lord Vibheeshana (Deep Forest Mourn, Old Castles Massacre) and Wickramarathne Gurunnanse (Devoid Empyrean, Crestfallen), bringing their personal touch of atmospheric Black Metal to the band's sound. 

Dhishti was formed to encompass the pure hatred felt over thousands of years towards the brutal invaders who ravaged the peaceful land of Sri Lanka. We base our music in the ominous and monotonous sounds of Black Metal, splicing it together with generations of acutely honed ancient Sri Lankan music to produce a truly unique sound for which the band is known. Screeching, ululating vocals pouring forth blasphemous lyrics filled with pure rage, hatred and pain accompanied by sighing guitars and powerful bass being supplemented by the steady drone of consistent drums with uniquely identifiable rolls and breaks would describe the characteristics seen up to now in music which Dhishti. This will of course be varied and changed over time as we do not stick to a single form of expressing the pain and suffering of the people of Sri Lanka over the cruel invaders and rulers over the years to the present.

We Do not support suicidal, anti-life, pessimistic, Nazism ideas or killing yourself trends. We do not believe in Suicide being the answer to the despicable behavior of humanity. Dhishti is all about our Emotions and the will to fight back and regain what is truly ours.